Monday, August 16, 2004


I always see those commercials for Johnsonville Bratwurst on TV. They tell you how to cook them, the theory being they're so easy, a guy could do it. We've never had brats before, so I thought I'd try the recipe. On advice from Caroline, who is the head technician (or "lab goddess") in the lab, AND who's from Germany(so she would know), we didn't buy the Johnsonville Brats. Instead we bought them from the Dekalb County International Farmer's Market. Which is the best place ever and if you're in atlanta ever, you should go. They make the brats fresh there, using organic meat. Anyway, here's our attempt to duplicate the Johnsonville brat commercial, using better brats!

Heat 3 bottles/cans of beer in a pot. We used 1 Amstel light and 2 Rolling Rocks (just what we had on hand). Throw in one or two sliced onions. Bring to a boil.

The brats make good mustaches.

put the brats in the beer and onions. Lower heat to simmer and cover.

Go play with the dog. But she won't want to play, because you're making yummy food and she can't concentrate on anything else. Stupid dog. Blog instead.

After maybe...20 minutes? take out the brats and grill on each side for a few minutes to get nice grill marks. I'm not sure this step is absolutely neccessary, but without the marks, the brats look disturbingly white.

Serve on crusty rolls topped with the onions (drain beer), spicy mustard, and a big helping of baked beans.

Mmmmmm...very good. Similar in spices to breakfast sausage. Would definately make again.