Saturday, August 14, 2004

Chicken and mango in filo 

This is a really easy main meal that's great for dinner parties - looks elaborate, but it's simple.

You'll need:
One skinless chicken breast per person
Fresh or tinned mangoes
Cheddar cheese (use a sharper cheddar for a more cheesy flavour)
Filo pastry (that's the kind that comes in very thin sheets - sometimes spelled "phyllo")
Melted butter (I prefer salted butter, but I guess you could use unsalted)

What to do:
Slice the mango and cheese

Brush the filo with melted butter. Place a chicken breast in the centre a little way from one of the short edges and arrange mango slices, then slices of cheese on top.

Using two layers of filo at a time, wrap the chicken, mango and cheese like a parcel, folding in the edges after the first wrap. You need to work pretty quickly with the filo as it dries out fast (if you're interupted ... by the doorbell, phone or horny boyfriend ;*) ... place a damp teatowel/dishcloth over the pastry). Brush more melted butter as you go.

Ready for the oven...

Place a little apart in a greased baking tray and cook at about 200C/390F until golden brown ... ummmm .... I can't remember how long, but you have enough time to blow bubbles and freak out the cat while it's cooking. I think it's about 30 - 40 minutes.

We blew too many bubbles.... they shouldn't be quite this brown ;*)

These chicken breasts were actually quite big, so I cut them in half to serve. I'd usually do roasted or baked potatoes, but we'd run out, so I ended up using potato gems (yummy).

You can try just about anything in combination. Other great ones are pork/cheddar/sliced apple and beef/pate/sliced field mushrooms.

Enjoy :*)